Just as we want to be a pioneer with technology, we at Mercure Oostende also want to distinguish ourselves by going to great lengths to reduce the earth's impact.

In an international context characterized by the fragility of energy supplies and the increasing effects of global warming, accelerating the energy transition is more than ever a priority. It implies lasting transformations in consumption habits and lifestyles, including in hotels!

At Mercure Oostende, we do our utmost to deal with the consumption of limited energy resources in a measured and thoughtful manner. Every day we strive to make conscious decisions to act purposefully throughout our ecosystem. We do this by, among other things:

  • a deliberate and conscious approach to consumption
  • pausing and taking time to assess whether a particular activity can be made more streamlined and efficient


We are therefore very committed to enabling a sustainable future for hospitality: embracing efficient use of limited resources is a crucial first step.

  • We firmly believe that the hospitality industry must continuously and decisively adapt to make a positive difference for all communities and our planet. It is our responsibility to help transform our society for a more sustainable future by challenging our different ways of consuming.
  • The world has limited resources (science shows that six of the nine planetary limits have already been exceeded) and it is essential that they be managed differently. The global energy crisis and supply constraints are unfortunately a poignant reminder of this.
  • Our strategy is clear: drive actions and make practical changes that together lead us to a model that is compatible with planetary boundaries while creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.
  • We want to become a contributing model – trying to give back more than we take – and ensuring that we enforce an adequate use of resources is part of that.


Among other things, we identified these four key pillars that consume a lot of energy and urgently need meaningful adjustments

  1. Air Conditioning/Heating
    Lowering & maintaining the temperature in our hotels to a maximum of 23 degrees Celsius, including in guest rooms, or even 17 degrees Celsius in unoccupied areas (meeting rooms, corridors, etc.). This results in enormous energy savings.
  2. Single-use plastics
    For example, you will no longer find plastic cups or other disposable products in your bedroom. At the bar, your favorite cocktail is no longer served with a plastic straw. At the breakfast buffet, individual containers disappear, creating not only less waste but also a greater sense of community.
  3. Local products
    On our extensive breakfast buffet, in addition to many eco- or organic products, such as the beans for our coffee, the granola or the fruit we offer, you will also find many products made fresh by local merchants from the neighborhood. For example, we have Granola à l’Ostendaise, made with draff (fiber-rich leftovers) from the brewing kettles of a local brewery around the corner. If you’re more in the mood for a hearty breakfast, you can also opt for a scoop of “zeekieken” (chicken white with seaweed), fresh homemade charcuterie from a regional and deli store on Oosteroever. Be sure to visit here too! It’s more than worth it, and what’s more, you can get there with the electric ferry that leaves at the Vistrap.
  4. Paper saving
    You will also notice that we rarely print anything on paper. At check-in, you will see us enter data into a smartphone instead of a printed document, and at check-out we do not give an invoice by default, but send it via e-mail.


Also know that we are absolutely open to your suggestions. Sustainability has no expiration date, which is why we are continuously and persistently committed to sustainable tourism for today and tomorrow.